Saturday, 21 May 2011

Roberto Mancini seeks one last spending spree for Manchester City

Roberto Mancini has urged his chairman to sanction one more major spending spree so City can compete in next season’s Champions League.
Khaldoon al Mubarak has made it clear that the Blues will be taking a more careful attitude in the transfer market as they bid to fall into line with new UEFA rules on overspending.
City’s chairman insists the Blues will meet the strict financial guidelines for clubs appearing in the Champions League and Europa League.
Clubs are being encouraged to spend no more than they earn when the new rules start to kick in from next season.
Mancini, though, fears that if City do not splash out this summer, they could suffer the same fate that has befallen Tottenham.
Spurs beat Mancini’s men to the final Champions League spot 12 months ago but struggled to combine the demands of top-level European and domestic football, seeing their league form slide.
But while Khaldoon has publicly stated City will make only one or two major signings this summer, Mancini believes he will have a little more leeway.
"I spoke with Khaldoon and he spoke in a different way," Mancini said. "Khaldoon is a clever man and a really good man. He understands what the squad needs for next year.
"He understands that we need to improve, because in one year it is impossible that we can improve 200 per cent, that we can play Barcelona and beat them easily. This is impossible.
"We need to work and we need to bring in other players.
"When you play in the Champions League, you should play with 11 good players.
Playing in the Premier League three days later is really, really difficult if you don’t have a good squad, if you don’t have 23, 24 good players.
"If you don’t have that, you could have what has happened to Tottenham this season. They put all their energy into the Champions League, and then they lost a lot of points in the Premier League. The City manager, though, has dismissed suggestions of a £150m bid for Real Madrid¹’s ex-United winger Cristiano Ronaldo.
"We will sign Cristiano Ronaldo for £200m," the manager joked.
"I don¹t know where this has come from. I don’t know anything about it.
"Cristiano Ronaldo is a fantastic player but I don’t think he will leave Real Madrid.
"I said after the FA Cup final, we would sign Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Fabregas and Iniesta if it was possible. But I don’t think this is possible."

Meanwhile, City keeper Joe Hart has received the Barclays Golden Glove award for keeping the most Premier League clean sheets this season.
Hart completed his 17th top-flight shut-out of the campaign against Stoke on Wednesday.

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